Dress That Prof: Coffee Shop Casual


Short-sleeved tee: Peg & Awl (Etsy)


Pants: JCrew (sold out, but find similar pair here)

Canvas sneakers: Tretorn

Andrew showed me his typical work day during the summer and though he is gone from our house from about 7:30am until about 5:30pm, not much of his time is spent in his office! This young man gets to hop from coffee house to coffee house to hammock to green space on campus doing his writing, reading, and research. On his own schedule.

I am not jealous at all.

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  1. If you are not jealous, I am.
    Especially if he is an education prof/researcher? Do I remember that right? Its my goal (if I can finish a PhD before mommy-brain rots out all the stats classes I took)
    to teach teachers to teach well. And Wash U! Oh, the life.

    Hopefully you get ice cream cones and some funny little boy jokes to make it even.
    And new sandals as often as you want them, and really sweet I love yous each day, 🙂

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