New at the Zoo!


wink, wink

Last Thursday (right before Andrew left for four days), we were lucky enough to be some of the first people to experience the St. Louis Zoo’s new exhibit Sea Lion Sound. I mean, we were up early (surprise, surprise) and it was a crazy hot day, so we headed there at 8am and I’m so glad we did! For all you St. Louis folks, go check this out (it’s free!). And for those of you who aren’t, just know that this zoo is so impressive and if you’re ever in the area, it would be worth your while to visit.






Holy bed-head, batman!





There is an underwater viewing tunnel (which Oliver called the water cave) which was so relaxing. There is something so serene about being under water, especially when you can watch the grace and beauty of creatures like this. I mean, even hippos look graceful under water! We’ll definitely be back!

But in the mean-time, I anxiously await Andrew’s arrival home! It feels like he has been gone for a month… yeah. Kind of a rough few days, it’s been. Remind me in November/December NOT to get pregnant again (as this seems to be the case every two years on the dot)!!!

No, seriously. Remind me.

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  1. Eeeeee!! Sea lions are so cute. I love their whiskers. They’re like the sweet little dogs of the ocean.

    No more baybees. I have to keep reminding myself of how terrible I am at pregnancy, and how expensive children are. And the risk of getting another neversleeper.

  2. Yay you survived going it solo! I’m sure it wasn’t the easiest but hopefully you will be rewarded with extra sleep.

    That zoo looks awesome and ever since W started clapping his hands and doing a sea lion impression I am extra fond of them.

    Three babies seems like a good handful- unless of course you need to go for a girl! Just kidding, that makes me tired on your behalf 🙂

  3. Hmmm… A little girl to balance the scales… Imagine how protected she would be with 3 big brothers!

    Love Oliver’s reflection in the sea lion. (& the show-off pic!) They seem so playful. I remember seeing them in Monterey many years ago…

  4. Hi there,

    What a pleasure to see a similar family at the other side of the world, enjoying there three boys as much as we love ours. I life in the netherlands, me and my husband have three boys, Boaz (4), Daan (2 1/2) and Benjamin (1), we both work as a general doctor and moved out of Amsterdam a half year to life more ‘on the countryside’. We love going outside, learning and laughing with the kids. You inspired me to do more fun things. We already freezed a lot off toy-animals (the same as your kids play with) the

  5. Sorry, not finished yet;
    Thank you, you lovely mom at the other side!
    For let people enjoy with you, inspire and letting them see how great it is to have our children, and not to forget: husbands!

    From another hard working (never a dull moment), mom, Manon

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