Neighborhood Popsicle Party 2012



Last year, we were invited to a neighborhood popsicle party hosted by our friend/neighbor Keely and her family. She had made this awesome giant popsicle and hung it from the tree in her family’s front yard to signal the event. The kids ran around, red popsicle juice streaming down the front of their arms, chests, and shins while the adults drank beer and laughed and shared stories about the kids and the neighborhood goings-on. Then they had to go and move (sad face). BUT on moving day, I opened my front door to find the giant popsicle with a note attached encouraging the tradition to be carried on.


And so, with great excitement, we held our first annual neighborhood popsicle party!




With sangria! (Yes, I am currently hungover)






I think the best part of the party was forcing everyone to get out of their houses and brave the heat (it was significantly cooler on Friday, thank goodness, only in the 90’s). This whole summer, our street has been a ghost town; people only leaving their houses to get to their cars or turn on the sprinklers. Kids peeking out from inside air-conditioned houses like it’s the dead of winter.

Seeing the neighborhood kids together warmed my heart. When Milo busted out his guitar, all the kids ran back to their houses to bring out their instruments. Who knew we could start our own neighborhood band? (If you look closely, you can see Emil clapping for them in the background. Big surprise.)


I took this picture of our neighbor friend with the giant popsicle only to later see Milo jumping off the 4-ft tall wall (see left) on our front porch. (Big surprise #2).


Hat full of apples*, belly full of bread



The fairies came out with the fairy lights!



We had a fantastic time and think our neighbors did too (though we definitely missed Keely and family)! Oh, and we will be keeping those lights up for the rest of the summer for sure. Apple tree, climbing tree, fairy tree!


Captain America approves this message.

*Several apples were harmed in the making of this party.

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  1. My neighborhood envy grows with each post! So cool that you guys actually know all your neighbors and even better that you threw a uper fun summer party. Popsicles and sangria sound like a perfect mtach.

  2. This is the best idea EVER. I would totally borrow it but all of our neighbors are in the 60-80 year old age range, and they probably wouldn’t want any popsicles. 🙁 But what a fun time! Love the kids jamming and the little fairy gathering! This looks like a blast.

  3. How perfectly WONDERFUL! If we can get organized enough after we move next Monday, I want to host something like this on our street.

    By the way, where did you get your lovely vacation dress?

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