Dress That Prof: The Hair!


Hello! Yes, it is still summertime, so Andrew is usually very dressed down when he leaves for the coffee shop work in the morning, but he was looking so cute today I just had to capture it. I think for me, it’s the hair. He has let it grow this summer and I LOVE it! I know a lot of ladies like a man with short-cropped hair, but I can’t stop complimenting him on his slightly wavy, very thick awesome hair. But of course, I think he’d be dreamy bald. Sigh.

Shirt: Thrifted

Canvas messenger bag: Moop


Pants: Banana Republic (similar)

Shoes: Aldo (similar)



Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I love longer hair too- although James’s gets kind of curly/ crazy in the heat which bothers him more than me. Great look for some coffee shop working!

  2. It’s pretty great to be able to have a crush on your husband, isn’t it? 🙂

    When Wade and I met, his hair was crazy long. Like, down his back and ponytailed. I had super long hair, but his was even longer than mine. His hair is so very curly and wily that it has to be kept very short or it starts to look kind of mad professor.

  3. Dear Andrew –
    Ringo Starr called.
    He wants his haircut back.
    Please don’t grow the companion porn-stache.

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