Lazy Weekend


The hot air balloon glow and festival was this weekend, but you wouldn’t know it from the looks of us! We had a very lazy weekend after Milo and Oliver’s first week of preschool. We stuck around home and had a lot of down time, especially after Oliver was up all Saturday night and Andrew somehow hurt his back (that’s what happens when you get old). Sunday morning it was obvious that Oliver had contracted his very first preschool illness. Just a cold– a snotty nose perfect for wiping into long bangs.



Thank goodness for Andrew. While I generally take the night shift tending to the alternate wake-up sessions between Emil and Oliver (that’s right, our three-year-old still wakes up at least once a night, more often two or three), Andrew faithfully rises with the boys every. single. morning so that I can sleep in a bit. He also took all of these pictures. Pretty cool papa, huh?





Oh, and that cool papa has also been fiddling a bit with the look of our blog… what do you think?



My favorite picture of the bunch




We are slowly settling into a schedule around here. The big boys go to preschool every day from 9 – 11:45 while I chase Emil around and try to protect him from bodily harm (his newest trick? Standing on the wheels of Oliver’s tricycle and letting go to see if he can balance…). Then lunch, then Emil’s nap while the boys (and I) have quiet time with stories and the occasional video, then we go to a playground or the library when Emil wakes up. Then dinner, baths, stories, and bed.

The weather is growing cooler and we had a pot of chili cooking all day Sunday. The house smelled amazing. We have our windows open and have to cuddle up with warm socks and blankets in the morning… oh, man I love this time of year.

Look for a yummy cheesecake pumpkin bread recipe tomorrow, and have a great Monday!

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  1. Adorable header! What a good husband (and daddy!) he is.

    Oh, I so love this time of year. As I type this I am on my second cup of hot coffee, the windows are open and the cool air feels prickly over my skin. Love it.

    ‘Tis the season! We had brisket cooking over 8 hours yesterday. Our house smelled amazing, too. Welcome, fall!

  2. I really like the drawings…Andrew? Lauren? Nicely done…although the photos were of course adorable, too. Hard to believe they could be improved upon but perhaps…And Papas that get up in the AM with the kids are the best! Those snuggly-cold-nose-scratchy-voice mornings of early fall are my favorite too. Time to haul out the crock pot. Got any good recipes?

  3. I’m really enjoying the new header. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, your husband sounds incredible and like the best kind of papa anyone could ask for. With a mom like you and a dad like him it seems your boys are set for a wonderful life in every way.

  4. Love the illustration- it looks perfect! There’s nothing better than that sliver of sleep in the morning while the guys get some quality time. Your boys may rise even earlier than mine though since it’s still dark out- yay for good papa’s!

  5. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous boys! My two year old wakes up about 3x a week during the night, and I always feel it the next morning. We considered going to the balloon glow and festival, but the rainy weather drove us inside with our first fire of the season in the fireplace!

  6. Well the branches of your artistic, family tree are ever strong! Nice job on the redesign! Thanks to Andrew for a fun series of photos. I like the solo one of Milo best & is it just me, or do you see some of your brother, Jon in Milo?
    Please share the chili recipe!

  7. These photos are so dang cute! And I really like the new blog look – when I first saw the illustrations it made me think of Peter Pan (we’re reading that to our boys right now…)

    Can’t wait to try the pumpkin cheesecake bread!


  8. These are the sweetest pictures ever! Your boys have such adorable faces. And I LOVE your new blog header. Brilliant. We’re enjoying the beginning of fall over here as well — I love sweaters/socks/snuggling in the chilly morning!

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