Dress That Prof: Back to School!


Ready for another season of Dress That Prof? I know I am! Though it might be difficult to produce outfits that are not duplicates of last year since Andrew really doesn’t need any new clothes… we’ll do our best to be creative.


Tie: The Hillside (sold out, but check out this great pattern… or this one!)

Navy cardigan: JCrew (on sale right now plus an additional 30% off– the best way to buy clothing, I think!)


Shirt: JCrew (sold out, but find similar here)


Slim-fit jeans: JCrew (find similar here)

Boots: Timberland Boot Company (sorry, also sold out but these are similar and very sturdy tough-guy boots!)

P.s.– Forgot to post this last week: two eager young men on their first (Oliver’s first EVER) day of preschool (do you think he’s excited?)! Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Yay Oliver! And Milo looks so sophomoric, eager yet cool about it. I guess after 30 annual first days of school you don’t smile so much?

  2. Great Prof outfit. And your husband has such rosy cheeks!

    Oliver seems absolutely giddy over his first day! And now, a week in, is he still that excited before school?

  3. I have always felt the cardigan was such an under-appreciated piece of clothing. Mr. Rogers rocked the eff out of one, and I like that Andrew is stylishly doing the same.

    Adorable first day of school picture. It’s cool that Milo was so pumped about it.

  4. OMG. I should just leave it alone and I feel like such a creeper for coming back to edit my comment, but I totally meant Oliver in the original comment. I actually do know your boys’ names (their first initials spell MOE when placed in birth order! what what!!) and somehow turned into one of those dongs who confuses names. AAAAAAAACK.


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