Come on, Weekend!



The weekend is upon us again! We are in store for some beautiful weather on Saturday, so I am trying to figure out how best to enjoy it with the boys. Andrew is working all weekend but will at least be around in the early morning for some relief. After a grouchy start to our morning, I am hoping to get on his good side again (oops- bad mama). But today has shaped up to be beautiful! It’s warm and pleasant, and I was reminded of just how lucky I am to be able to stay at home and live my everyday life with these three little rascals– especially when we have pizza picnics and play in the yard all day!


Actual things that were said to me today:

Mama, please hold this cricket. – Milo

A centipede weighs 60 pounds. Weewy! It’s tw-ooo!  -Oliver

Happy weekend.

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