Weekend Shenanigans





We are all missing Andrew. The weekends are usually a time for us to enjoy life as a family; a way to balance the ins and outs of life so that there is a little more rest, a little more fun, a little more time to explore the city or share a meal outside of the house, or get some housework done. This month is the exception, and we are all feeling it. Poor Andrew has gotten the least sleep of all. But, in the wise words of my husband, this one rough month allows for the flexibility and good life we live throughout the rest of the year. So, with that in mind, we lived out our weekend to the fullest, knowing we are nearly halfway through this one rough month. And though I may be on the verge of a real nervous breakdown, putting things in perspective does wonders for my attitude!







Hope you had a good one!

P.s.- Is it really almost Thanksgiving?!!!

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  1. Your boys in costumes always makes my list of favorite things. Sorry you are having a month of juggling. Our’s has been similar, but I’m hoping it doesn’t stay this way for the whole month… hoping. Good for you for still getting out and exploring, it looks like everyone is having fun even if you’re exhausted. Hang in there πŸ™‚

  2. It IS almost Thanksgiving. And how I don’t know. I hope you guys can sail through the rest of this month and get back to your normal easily. Come to Maine and I’ll help you out! Sending hugs yours way. xo

  3. No, I canNOT believe it’s almost Thanksgiving – It seems like Christmas will be here next week!

    I can only imagine how challenging this month long stretch of time is but I know you’ll be okay. You know you’re amazing, right?


  4. Oh my goodness your family are adorable! What an amazing childhood your kids look like they are having, it reminds me a lot of my own (lots of dress ups and make believe πŸ™‚ ). Thank you so much for you lovely comments on my blog by the way. I think you’re right that having a friend to go through the whole process with is going to be great! x

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