Christmas Shenanigans



Christmas Eve and day were spent in the company of good friends and a plethora of food. We are usually out-and-about people; it is rare to find us at home two days in a row, and especially rare to find us indoors for so long! But it was really nice to prepare for company and spend the whole day cooking, eating, drinking, and laughing with people whose company we love.







There were kids-a-plenty and some very funny and endearing moments, such as when all the kids (except the babies) decided to make a firewood run out to our garage and turned it into quite the adventure!



… and a sweet moment when, at the end of the night, we found the kids huddled around a fishing game on the iPad on the kitchen floor just giggling and enjoying each other:






After our guests left, Andrew and I were actually tearful as we talked about how lucky we are. We placed gifts under the tree and in the boys’ stockings (my favorite part) and sat by the fire until it burned down. And even though someone had stolen the snack intended for Santa…


… the boys awoke to the magic of Christmas and took their time opening gifts and being thankful. We realized that the ages of 5 and 3 are perhaps the most wonderful ages for Christmas morning. Not only did they ooo and ahh over everything (Oliver kept saying “This is the best Christmas ever!” and “This is just what I’ve always wanted!”), but they were polite and thankful and just so sweet.



There is something so great about waking up in your own house on Christmas morning… but we are also really looking forward to seeing extended family in the coming days. Ohio, here we come!


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  1. Lovely post. So many bright, smiling faces! Happy to see that the season is treating you and your family kindly. (That rocket looks amazing! I think I want one for myself!) Safe travels to Ohio!

  2. Having so many children around must have been so much fun & I agree, waking up in your own home on Christmas Day is so special. We really enjoyed being home this Christmas.
    The rocketship looks AMAZING. I wish I could play with it.

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