DIY Fun: Marshmallow Structures



Today’s DIY Fun is so simple, it’s crazy! Andrew came up with this one on a cold winter day and the three of them spent what seemed like hours playing and building.

Materials Needed

  • a few spaghetti noodles (uncooked)
  • mini marshmallows

We have done this activity with toothpicks before, but what we liked about the noodles was that we could break them into any size lengths we wanted, making for a lot more creativity. They worked together on a large structure, trying to build as high as possible, and learning the best lengths and combinations for the strongest structures:




Triangles seemed the way to go!



Giving very little guidelines allowed for a lot of creativity: Milo came up with the idea to make a bow and arrow, and it actually bent and moved like a real one!


The sky’s the limit! And the added bonus? The marshmallows hardened after about a day, making the structures even stronger. Highly recommend this activity for kids of all ages!

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  1. Ding! We have so many stale, icky mini marshmallows from I don’t know where or why. This is awesome. And weirdly, the younger students at the school where I teach did this recently (for math maybe?), but it wasn’t until you posted here that it dawned on me that it would good for my own little ones. Clever! Thank you!

  2. LOVE this idea! You seriously have such great ideas. When Lotus is old enough I’ll be back here thumbing through all your project posts looking for something to do! Maybe you should write a little book on it all?

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