“A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013”

Milo: Concentrates so well. I have noticed a maturity in him lately that amazes me.

Emil: The crazy age. He somehow moved his mattress across the room, removed sheets and mattress pad, then promptly fell asleep in this position for two hours… whatever works!

Oliver: So creative. He finds solutions to problems in the most unique ways. He amazes and humbles me daily. 

*Linking up with Jodi and her 52 portrait project… which has been a pleasure!*

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  1. That picture of Emil made me crack up … So right …whatever works. Must have worked himself out moving an wrapping the mattress!

  2. These boys! They’re so sweet and dear. I wish this blog had audio so that I could hear all the whoops and schemes and crazy dialogue that must be going on.

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