Dress That Mama: Classic + Vintage


Here’s a simple outfit that looks polished enough and feels comfortable enough for every day. The classic white shirt is updated in a modern fabric: Tencel, made in the USA and machine washable despite feeling like a mix between silk and soft cotton. I have another Tencel shirt that wore and washed great all summer long, so I decided to invest in a long-sleeved version for winter. I love that it is warm and soft and doesn’t wrinkle easily because let’s be honest, I don’t iron. I actually love everything by this brand (cloth & stone)- such great drape and flattering fit.

The leggings I usually only feel comfortable enough wearing as loungewear or under long tunics, but this shirt is long enough to cover the bum, so it works for me. And the army jacket? A vintage find I picked up in a Paris shop over the summer when the weather was anything but summery.



And though I shared it in last week’s post, I wanted to get a better shot of the Native Clutter Quartz + Brass necklace I won in a giveaway over Christmas break. It is such a great piece! And speaking of giveaways, I think it’s high time I did one, given my luck at winning them! As soon as I figure it out, you’ll be the first to know.

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  1. Love that jacket- what a great find! Of course right now I would have to top this off with a giant parka… good scape goat for lazy dresser’s like me đŸ˜‰

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