Out with a Bang



Good-bye 2009, year of babies and babies and more babies. Friends’ babies, family’s babies, my own baby. A year of growing up for Milo, of big-brotherhood and potty time and school and new friends. Of big falls at the playground…


okay, Ava still takes the cake on big falls.

But for me, 2009 was really about pure and utter disbelief about what a child can become in one year. Milo started walking when he was 13 months old… that was early October of 2008. He really started talking in January of 2009 3 months later. I am amazed, AMAZED by the human child. How in one short year, a baby becomes a boy. A boy who says things like, “I have an idea. It’s a game called ‘where is milo.’ Come play with me, Mommy!” and “I stubbed my toe on that crack, Mommy. It hurts right here on my big toe.” If it weren’t for the mispronunciation of his “L’s” and “R’s,” and his little itty bitty high-pitched toddler voice, I would mistake him for a 6-year-old sometimes.

And my new baby, Oliver. How he was only a tiny cluster of cells a year ago. Talk about amazing.


This past year was truly a magical one for us. I let my mind jump ahead to next year and the changes to come. How Oliver will be walking, maybe saying a few words, definitely getting into his big brother’s toys. How Milo will be 3!!!! and likely doing all sorts of new unimaginable things. How everyone will be just a year older, a year wiser, a year ahead, and on and on. I want to pause for a moment, to savor the sweet taste in my mouth. But then I want it to go on. I want the year to pass so I can enjoy watching as my children grow and thrive and learn and make friends and experience the joys of life.



... and on and on and on…

Happy New Year, everyone!

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