Emil-isms: 2 Years 8 Months




Emil, oh our littlest man-child.

Lately he has been conjuring up side-splitting laughter from any and all of us. The loose cannon of the bunch, he oscillates between singing sweetly and doling out enthusiastic (and strong) hugs and “I yuv you”s to completely out-of-the blue violence of the surprising sort: a wooden egg chucked at the head here, a rake to the back there… unpredictable would be the word here.

“Yeyyow is my fav-it!” he shouts, “I yeyyow ranger!”

“I eatin’ bwownies” he says, caught red (or brown)-handed after pushing a stool over to the counter and cutting himself a fresh brownie at 7am.

“Mom, you eatin’ candeee???” he asks, slamming the door open to the bathroom after hearing the sound of a tampon wrapper (why, oh why, must feminine hygiene products be wrapped in seemingly the same wrapper as a candy bar? When of course you need privacy the most, your children are convinced you are eating candy in the bathroom without them???). Nope. No candy here.

“Easter Bunny nice. Easter Bunny my fw-end! Big eyes.”

“I no want to take nap. I want to BITE you!”


“Mamaaaaaa! Need you!!!! Have boogie!!!” (As he deposits an enormous man-sized booger onto my hand for disposal)

When asked if he hit Oliver, “Yes. I hit him. He cryin’ now.” Well why did you do that, Emil? “Don’t know.”

“No yike Pw-oudie (our dog). Pw-oudie stinky.”

“Pw-oudie eat squ-wew (squirrel). Den it be dead.”

“I Battle-Guy!” (with two large sticks flying)


When he is being prevented from doing something dangerous, like sticking his finger into an electrical outlet, or running into oncoming traffic, or something of equal or greater risk, he shouts dramatically “GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!!!” drawing looks from strangers, of course. Sigh.

Then, “Are you mad or nice?” he asks when being scolded for his behavior.

“Wat dat in my bewy button? Peanut butta? Oh, no. Just dust.”

And, we mustn’t forget, “My eyes are messy!” after a good bout of crying (he wants you to wipe them dry).

He talks all the time now, a constant stream of words narrating everything he sees and does. He sings to himself while he plays. He loves working in the garden and turning compost. He has a very strong sense of order and finds it very important to put a thing in its place when he is finished with it. Newly potty trained, he takes pride in putting on his “big boy unnies” by himself every morning and after nap. He is growing so fast.

So keep it coming, Emil. We all enjoy a good surprise.

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  1. I am laughing out loud at this post! How he reminds me of Jackson at that age…what a blessing to have a strong independent boy, albeit extremely frustrating at times (and I have no idea how you do it with 3 independent boys) but so amazing! Even though we have not had an opportunity to parent our boys together I just want to let you know that I gain so much inspiration from you! I miss you! And, the tampon thing….my favorite is when you are in a public restroom and they are in the stall with you…that is the most fun, especially when they want to have a loud conversation about what is happening. Oh yeah, and then continue to talk it about it with everyone they see….

  2. Haha!! Love all the little things you little guy says! I try to write down everything our kiddos say that makes us laugh- I forget so easily.

  3. this is really hilarious. you should have started with a warning not to read this when sitting in close proximity to co-workers, as there was definitely coffee coming out of my nose.
    i think the “get your hands off me!” put me over the edge. i can SO see that! silas isn’t talking in sentences yet, but he expresses things like that in just the scenarios you describe. omg, this totally made my morning. thank you!

  4. Love him, and can’t believe that he already such a big boy! ‘Get your hands off me’ is brilliant, amazing how smart and embarrassing kids can be. He’s quite a character 🙂

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