Weekend Shenanigans




Gardening, composting, making decisions… first sunburns of the year, outdoor eating, robin egg-finding… flea marketing, circus dress rehearsal, grocery shopping, walk-taking, ice cream eating…  tightrope walking, weeding, new friend-making…






DSC_0134This weekend we lived pretty hard and enjoyed the outdoors. It is so good to remember what spring and summer are all about around here- why we love this place, why we live where we do. All the fresh air has done us some serious good. Everyone is sleeping better with the night air flowing through the windows, and our boys are noticeably happier climbing the apple tree, riding bikes and scooters, and swinging in our backyard all day long. DSC_0113






DSC_0033Milo’s circus show is next weekend (his talent this time is plate-spinning, though he has had no problem vocalizing his disappointment in not being able to do triple trapeze this time around- they train them in all the basics first, then specialize later). We are all excited to see it, but a teensy part of me is relieved that it will be over. Something about having a schedule to adhere to on the weekends does not appeal to any of us right now, and I’m sure that will be even more true in the summer… which, I might add, is right around the corner for my boys!DSC_0143



DSC_0147This summer is going to be amazing.

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  1. You guys live it up right.
    And I couldn’t agree with you more about dreading weekend schedules. Sometimes I feel like a slacker that i don’t sign my kids up for more things, but I really like downtime with them.I like doing all the things you listed without once looking at the time.
    Happiest spring to you guys.

  2. I just enjoy seeing your pictures. Your boys are so charismatic and I can see how much they enjoyed the weekend just by looking at their silly faces. Seems like there will be a great summer coming our way!

  3. Your garden is looking awesome. I’m with you, spring seems even more divine (and desperately needed) this year. Random question prompted by your mention of fresh air in the kids rooms, do you use shades? It’s the only way W can get to sleep since now it’s still light at bedtime, but then they flutter when the window is open and that bothers him too. Thier room is so stuffy in the morning from always being shut up. I know it will be even worse as things heat up.

  4. Beautiful garden! I am so jealous of backyards with bountiful gardens! Glad you guys are using your green space to its fullest.

    It’s funny how weekends are so often packed-full that by Monday I feel like I need a day to recover. I’m looking forward to hot, lazy summer days!

  5. Lilly, Emil has shades in his room but we leave them about 6 inches cracked from the windowsill to let in the air and reduce the banging of shades against the window. Oliver and Milo have curtains- we just open them a bit and let the air flow. But it’s by no means dark in there when they crash- they are so tired by the time they hit their pillows, it wouldn’t matter if all the lights were on!

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