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Emil turned 3 last Thursday.IMG_0427DSC_0016DSC_0015

He is the funniest, most interesting, toughest and most tender-hearted little thing. He is a dichotomy in every sense of the word; giving millions of kisses on my cheeks, eyelids, forehead, and nose, and in the next second pummeling Oliver for taking a piece of his cereal. We all adore him to pieces, but Milo dotes on him the most.


Oh, Emil, who came into the world so peacefully with the rising sun one warm August morning. He was all easy and light and welcomed by all. I can imagine that coming into the world with big brothers is a good safe place to come into. But he doesn’t need others to stick up for him; he is vocal and fair-minded about indiscretions. He prefers to sleep with large marbles in his bed, all lined up against the wall just beyond his head. He pours himself his own cereal and often milk, and cleans up after himself always. He likes to do everything himself and most problems occur when someone tries to interfere with his fierce independence and important plans. He is the only child who has escaped every restraint: climbing stealthily out of his crib, then scaling his dresser or window sill. Eventually the poor lad has found himself in a room empty of all but a mattress on the floor and a rug. Not even a doorknob could be trusted with the poor guy.


For his birthday, Emil received three large marbles and a little pillow to take into Montessori for nap time. It has bunnies on it. These simple things brought him so much joy!

My love for my last son is crazy. There are parts of me that I must resist daily: the parts that want to hug his sturdy little body close to mine and not let go, to breathe in the sweetness of his smell and kiss him a million times on those round little cheeks! I know it will be harder on me than it will be on him this Thursday when he starts all-day Montessori with his big brothers. I know that there is little he will miss about being at home instead of being out there in the world with kids his age, having experiences he has been wishing and dreaming for. Part of being the youngest is always pushing forward to try to catch up with the older siblings. Emil is no exception. Sometimes I want to shout, “Slow down! You are my last baby, don’t you know?!” but he is a firecracker and firecrackers should not be held indoors!

Emil, we love you buddy. You make our family exciting and fun, you bring love and joy to every one of us every day. We are so proud of you and love you so very very much! Happy 3rd Birthday, dear sweet boy!

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  1. Happy birthday Emil! I can’t beleive he is already 3, I always think of him as a baby because that’s when I ‘met’ him, but he’s actually the same school year as Wyatt (at least the way school enrollment works here in MA). He’s a big boy!

    What a giant milestone it will be when they are all in school. I’m excited for you.

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