Grateful for…

DSC_0003… a beautiful fall day and thoughtful friends. After a lovely coffee with one friend, I come home to this nice surprise in my mailbox — a magazine bookmarked to a piece on Asheville, NC, where we will soon be going for a family trip. Thank you, Maggie!

I am forever surprised and grateful for the amazing people in my life.


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  1. Oh, how I love Asheville! I went to Clemson University for undergrad, and it was a fantastic location. You could be in Asheville in no time, all the hiking and waterfalls and good food. You could also be in Athens for a good college town experience and those oh so gorgeous historic buildings. And you could be in Atlanta just as quickly for big city nightlife or leisurely Saturdays in the museums. It was the best of all worlds!

    Hoping to take the family down that direction some fall in the near future. I miss September / October in that area. I’ve heard Asheville’s quite the foodie hub today too. (And eating is my favorite part of travel!)

    Try these travel guides from my favorite blogs:

  2. Oh lovely! I’m a fellow Oakwood grad and live in Asheville now 😀
    Places our daughter loves: the playground, creek, and hiking at Montreat Conference Center, as well as the nature center, and ice cream at The Hop in west Asheville. Almost every restaurant in this town is kid friendly, but if you’re looking for a date night The Admiral is a no-brainer (but you need reservations far in advance!) Biscuithead in west Asheville is a perfect breakfast place that doesn’t have the hour waits that Tupelo Honey or Sunnypoint have. Max Patch has THE BEST views and is only a short drive from downtown…and Black Mountain (near Montreat) is great to wander around.

  3. Oh that’s awesome! I’ve always always wanted to visit Asheville! The girl I’m staying with here in NY is from there and she tells it’s a truly magical place. I can’t wait hear your thoughts on it.

  4. Garriy and I just got back from a trip recently since it’s in our neck of the woods. Don’t miss White Duck Taco and Chai Pani (for Indian street food). Also, I don’t know for sure if it’s kid-friendly, but if it is, Wicked Weed Brewery has a wonderful outdoor area with fireplaces and lots of space to run around while having their awesome cheese plate or salads (and good beer!). Hope you all have a lovely trip, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you drive back through Knoxville and need a pit stop!

  5. Asheville is gorgeous, especially this time of year. If you find yourelves heading through Winston-Salem, I’d absolutely love to meet you for coffee and high fives.

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