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  1. You’re lucky to still have t-shirt weather! We’re freezing up here just north of I-70.

    This is sort of random, but have you ever considered braiding a ribbon or a woven fabric belt into your braids? Milkmaid braids always remind me of how the Mayan women on Lake Atitlan style their hair. I’ve seen them do it, but unfortunately it was hard to catch the steps! I think they do the braids and then take a long, narrow, woven strap (called a cinta) and wrap it around each braid (or just pig tails), so an even amount is on each side. Then they grab the ends of the strap (which are longer than their braids) and tie it in a knot on top of their head, bringing the braids up. I was amazed at how efficient it was! It looks like this:



    It’s definitely an important styling element to their dress, and there are ones with long decorative strings, pom-poms, etc. Here is on on Etsy for example:

    And I’ve also seen YouTube tutorials for doing milkmaid braids with ribbon, where you just braid it in. Maybe even a strip of leather would be cool?

    I hope that’s not too random! Your post just made me think of it.

  2. I know you consider the Dress That Mama posts to be fluff, but I really enjoy them. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how important it is to me to have my clothing reflect me. I’ve realized that working from the outside in while working on my insides-out, takes me farther along the path of knowing who I am. That’s why I enjoy your posts so much – it’s fun to see your individuality coming through, and reminds me that how we present ourselves to the world shows us, too, who we are.

  3. Man, I love this part of your blog!
    I love seeing what ideas you come up with, always keeping it approachable, cool, and elegant. Over 80% of my stuff is second-hand (mostly from friends and value village, and on occasion I’ll splurge and hit up a consignment store. Ah, postdoc life!), and I’m totally finding myself eyeing the type of stuff you put up here. In fact, I scored a pair of pilcro motos for $18 about 6 months ago! They were awesome until a particularly unfortunate bend-over at the playground with my son (-> a huge rip across the derrière -> a risqué bike ride back home). Comes with the “used” territory, I guess. But now that another reader has mentioned thredup, I’m stoked to look again.
    For sure keep it coming!

  4. Milla, I was definitely channeling your style here!

    And yes, Liz, I will try braiding or wrapping something in there. It would give my thin braids some volume and I love the way it looks. Thanks!

    Jess, yes! I will email you!

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