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This scarf!!!

I can’t tell you enough about it, and its maker, Mariah Golden Palmer, over at Everything Golden.  I don’t remember exactly how I came across her online shop, but once I did, I was smitten; her vintage and handmade goods are certainly drool-worthy. But what really caught my eye were her hand-dyed scarves. The minimalist style and delicate paintbrush details are spot on with my own style. Receiving one in the mail was a joyous occasion, especially when I tried it on — the wool/silk blend of the material makes it perfect for a head wrap since it doesn’t slip around. And the beautiful charcoal color goes with every single thing in my wardrobe!


Head scarf: c/o Everything Golden

Thank you, Mariah, for this beautiful piece of art! I am now coveting the Wildberry and Painting with Clay for my Christmas list!

P.s. — Learn how to tie your own head scarf (it’s so easy!) here.

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  1. I simply adore this outfit and these posts! Thank you for always sharing. Where do you purchase your basic tees from? It’s hard to find ones that last long for me. I’m always getting little pinholes in them. Anyways I love this white tee! Super cute on you!

  2. That looks so cute on you. If I tried to pull off something like that, I think I’d look completely ridiculous. I used to have a baseball cap I loved to wear on weekends when the hair was looking a little rough, but it bit the dust. This is a far more stylish look.

  3. Jessica, this one is James Perse (I only went for it when it was on sale 25% off, otherwise it’s a bit expensive for what it is, but soft as butter and not too see-through, which is my biggest pet peeve lately with tissue-thin tees):


    I also really like the fit of Threads for Thought: much less expensive ($12!), made sustainably, and holds up well. Only complaint is that it is not quite as thick:


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