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Staying cozy and warm in layers lately — a henley layered under a denim shirt under a chunky knit vest, and my little guilty pleasure, the warmest, softest cashmere socks inside those boots! I got them on sale (I cannot justify spending more than $10 for socks) from Need Supply last spring, which is clearly when I needed them least. But man was I glad I had them once it got really cold around here. NOTHING else is keeping my feet warm enough. Plus, what’s better than warm soft things on your feet? Not much, I think.

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  1. This made me laugh because my wardrobe is so budget, but all my socks are Smartwool and like $25 (which makes the ones with holes even harder to part with!). Warm feet can’t be underestimated.

  2. If I may interject with a somewhat related comment re: worn-out smartwool socks?
    Lilly, we are also all about Smartwools (and Icebreakers, and Darn Toughs), and I’ve held on to my sad collection of completely unworn wooly sock shafts for a while. Then I found a use for them – as cuffs to lengthen my 2-year-old’s pants (and also to make them easier to tuck into boots). The knee-highs have been getting sewed onto his summer shirts as long sleeves 🙂 They are like toddler elbow warmers. Crunchy, I know.
    If I ever have a daughter, she’ll be wearing gaiters and decorated tights!

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