Dress That Mama: 3 Thanksgiving Day Outfits*

DSC_0048*I hesitated to publish this post today — it feels in poor taste to write about things as trivial as Thanksgiving day outfits when such larger things are happening in Ferguson. Frankly, it’s hard to even be excited about Thanksgiving tomorrow when we have such heavy hearts all over the country. But this is what I had scheduled to go up days ago, so I will proceed… even when it feels strange to do so…

It’s hard to believe November is almost over and Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to Andrew’s legendary smoked turkey and the pumpkin custard pie with nutmeg whipped cream I’m probably baking at this very moment (not wearing this, obviously). Usually I’m wearing jeans and a sweater under an apron if I’m doing the cooking, right up until 10 minutes before the guests arrive, at which point I dash upstairs to change and throw on some lipstick. But Thanksgiving is a lot like any other party — we want to look our best! So here are three outfits I would wear to a Thanksgiving dinner.

The first, above, is my ideal party outfit, but it’s really better for a Thanksgiving I’m just showing up for — especially the hair, which needs to be pulled back if I’m cooking and serving food. And gravy…

I’ll never forget the time I was stirring the gravy (a little too vigorously) at my mom’s house and accidentally splattered it onto my sister’s beautiful silk shirt. Ugh. It was horrible. So yes, I would wear my favorite dress to someone else’s Thanksgiving (where I’m not going to be stirring anything), but probably not as the hostess to our own.


The outfit above is definitely more in the hostess ballpark for Thanksgiving — comfortable striped shirt tucked into high-waisted joggers with high heeled clogs and a pretty necklace, hair in a side ponytail. To dress it up a bit more, I would throw on some bright red lipstick.

And last, a bit of an edgier look (below) with black and gray. A form-fitting dress is layered under a nice warm sweater and topped with a pretty scarf for a colder-weather Thanksgiving (which we will be having here). Please excuse the bad hair, jeez. After dinner, I might trade the boots for some warm socks and sit next to the fire with our friends and enjoy an extra piece of that pumpkin pie!

DSC_0032Whatever you wear, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

And I hope this finds all of you well and in as good of spirits as is possible in light of the turmoil we are feeling. I am going to take the next few days to reflect and be thankful for family and friends. 

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  1. Oh honey, but this is the deal. These things are all part of the same fabric. What is in poor taste, is letting them go on without acknowledging those events. What is in poor taste, is pretending it didn’t happen, that it doesn’t continue happening. What is in poor taste is not to do something, any small old thing to change what happens next. You’re not in poor taste. You’re kind and caring and in very good taste. I hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving and let your life fill your heart with the gratitude it warrants. You’ve made, it’s very lovely and it deserves celebrating.

  2. Wow I’m so dyslexic, I really need to check things I write better. I meant of course to say that you have made your life, which is lovely and warrants gratitude. Also, on a completely frivolous side note, maiden dress+vest makes me feel a little better about life, universe and everything this gloomy morning. Love, M

  3. Thank you, Milla. You are so sweet and I do appreciate your words. You have given me so much to think about over the past day. Thank you also for that! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Well, in that vein, I’ll take this space to say I’m thankful for the soft bloomy snow that’s falling right now while my fellas are sleeping. I’m thankful that seeing you in your black dress today made me go to the gym. I’m thankful that as a white woman in America, in St. Louis, I can and will raise my children to be ethical, kind, concerned citizens who wouldn’t stand for racism in any form and who will, hopefully, go out and better the world. I’m thankful for the African-American guys that work in my neighborhood everyday who are sweet, funny and bring me joy on the daily. When I told one today I was ashamed to be white, his response was: “Naw, you got a good soul and a black girl’s booty. Don’t worry about the rest.” I’m thankful for the health and love of my family and friends. I am thankful for you Lauren. Happiest of Thanksgivings. Wishing you much love.

  5. Here, here, Maggie! Let’s raise those boys right together.

    And YES! I love “you got a good soul and a black girl’s booty.” Ha, ha!

    I’m thankful for you too, Maggie.

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