Chicago, Part II


On our second (and last) day in Chicago, after spending the morning in Logan Square, Elisha and I headed over to what quickly became our favorite neighborhood — Andersonville. We were kicking ourselves for not allowing enough time to hang out in this diverse, quirky area — we missed the Swedish Bakery (though we did walk past and it smelled amazing!) but we did take note of the lovely lack of chain stores and restaurants. So refreshing! The number of local establishments definitely adds to the charm.

Among them, Woolly Mammoth — a noteworthy antique and oddity store packed to the brim with awesomeness: taxidermy, anatomical models and art, skulls, bones, specimens, and all kinds of natural history items. Obviously, I was in my element.


We met and chatted with Adam, the quick-witted and outgoing owner of this fantastic place. He told us about the taxidermy classes they hold in the store!  He was so warm and welcoming, like everyone we met in Chicago. People have a serious pride and love for their city. DSC_0135DSC_0138DSC_0140DSC_0141DSC_0142

Elisha and I both found some great things to bring home — she found an amazing old chemistry set; I found a few natural history items for the kids and a wonderful old set of binoculars with a leather strap (that Milo has been spying on our neighbors with already). Good stuff.

We also checked out a few stores in the area and then headed to dinner a bit early at Vincent on West Balmoral Avenue. It was beautiful and the food was delicious!DSC_0148DSC_0146DSC_0154DSC_0150

And that was our last night in Chicago! After staying up late drinking whiskey and chatting for hours on the floor of our hotel room, we deemed the trip a huge success. We caught the train the next morning just as wet snow started to fall. I’d say we dodged a bullet with the weather for sure! Definitely planning to come back in the summer.

And… just as an afterthought, I returned tired but happy to a clean house full of little boys and a freaking amazing husband who had done all the laundry and had already started dinner. Plus, the boys had stories about the outdoor adventures he took them on the day before:

IMG_0700IMG_0705IMG_0709IMG_0712IMG_0715IMG_0718 When I said to Andrew, “You didn’t have to clean and do all the laundry! You should have left it for me!” he replied, “What’s the point in going out of town if you just come home and feel behind?” How did I get so lucky? Thanks to JJ, Elisha’s husband, who set up the whole trip for us, and to Elisha for inviting me, and to Andrew for taking care of everything (and much much more) so I could get away for a few days!

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  1. The whole trip sounds like it was so lovely! Glad you got to enjoy our old stomping grounds in Andersonville. And, I’ll remind Garriy that he can always take a few pointers from Andrew 🙂

    Sending you all lots of love! xo

  2. Hurray, glad you had such a good time. Looks like it was a really great trip. Whenever I go out for a few hours and leave James with the kids, I return to an immaculate house. I always insist that he chains the kids to chairs or something, I don’t know how it’s possible! 😉

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