Weekend Shenanigans


Snow, snow, and more snow! In St. Louis it feels like winter decided to come a couple months late this season. It is officially March (and despite it being the birthday month of some of my very favorite people, it is my wariest, most unlucky month). We make plans for spring travels with friends and family, we gaze into the snow-covered dormant garden and wonder how in the world it will be overflowing with fruit and vegetables in a few short months. We play Monopoly and Sorry again, and try to shake away the winter blues by making plans with friends (and then having to cancel them at the last minute because of the roads).




Friday night we did get to hang out with some of our friends and their kids over at our house — it was a fun time as always and full of laughter and shenanigans. The kids snuck ice cream upstairs when we weren’t paying attention, built with blocks, and roughhoused on the couch while we planted ourselves next to the fire. It was such a cold night!


And the next day the snow started coming down again and didn’t stop until sometime long after we went to bed that night. We awoke on Sunday morning to plenty of it. But really, I don’t mind the snow! It’s so pretty and our house is always brighter than any sunny summer day, so there’s that.

DSC_0302Looking forward to seeing more of my people this week — it seems like everyone is craving extra friend time to get through this last winter push! Hope you have a lovely day.

And Jamie & Brian, we’re sorry we missed you!

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  1. I LOVE those first couple of snowy shots, perfection! Lots of catching up to do here… but I also can’t really picture that the garden will be growing anytime soon… could be the 4 plus feet of snow piled on top of it!?

  2. I agree with Lilly, some great shots of that sparkly snow. We woke up this morning to large slow falling snowflakes too, it was so magical!
    I am curious, did you start your seeds yet or do you put them directly in the ground. I would love to hear your plans for this year.

  3. The snow has been a real welcome addition to a ho-hum winter. If temps are going to be low might as well be pretty and pretty magical. In like a lion as they say…. Also, Emil, buddy, I feel ya.

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