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Here’s what I wore last Sunday. It was warm enough for short sleeves as long as we stayed in the sunshine. We spent our morning getting coffee and some amazing pastries at Comet Coffee (I highly recommend the choquettes and the chocolate croissants) then sat in the sunshine at a crowded playground to eat them. It was a lovely day and I met the nicest French woman who is due any day now with her third baby (possibly her third boy). She was so stylish and calm and cool and we talked about childbirth and the French culture and motherhood in general. I’ve found myself thinking of her and hoping to run into her again. Isn’t it nice to be inspired by other mamas?

DSC_0028DSC_0016Hard to believe that my own mama bought me these pants almost exactly a year ago after my appendectomy when I could barely wear any of the clothes in my closet. Still love the pants, still think of her every time I wear them! Find a similar pair here or here.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I remember the post surgery clothing issues – your pants issues were at the top, mine were at the bottom! I alternated between two pairs of yoga pants for seven weeks! They were the only thing stretchy enough to go over my bandaged feet, and skirts just drew attention to my sorry paws. These are cute, and look comfortable. Maybe we’ll get back to those warm sunny days eventually. This week’s been a bit of a downer so far. I don’t usually mind the rain in the spring, but I love it when the sun comes out afterwards. (And it’s not 34 degrees!)

  2. Just discovered your blog and am having such a wonderful morning exploring it. You are so naturally beautiful you would look gorgeous in anything. You’re one of those people who don’t need clothes to make them look good – they make the clothes look good.

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