Dress That Mama


Here’s what I wore last Saturday out to dinner with Ingrid and Brent, Ingrid’s sister, and her boyfriend. It was such a fun night, a last-minute plan to meet up and I was so grateful to crash their little party— they are all such funny, genuine people. It was really chilly so I would have done better with a long sweater on top, but I am so tired of sweaters so I just toughed it out! DSC_0039DSC_0049The dress is an oldie from Madewell, and I have to say that I really love Madewell’s dresses. This one and this one have caught my eye this season. This one is also gorgeous.

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. i love this one! You always look beautiful but this combination really has my wheels spinning. If you ever catch me out of running tights, make sure to give yourself a pat on the back — it will be because of your good ideas!

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