Elvis Perkins

On a whim, my friend Ingrid called me Wednesday morning to see if I wanted to see Elvis Perkins play at Old Rock House… you’d better believe I yelled, “YES!” and then I tripped on the uneven bottom step leading down to our sidewalk and twisted my ankle. Nursed that sucker all day Thursday. But it was worth it.

While the opening act was not all that impressive, we really enjoyed Elvis Perkins (who was joined by the gorgeous and talented Danielle Aykroyd — Dan Aykroyd’s daughter — on bass, and yes, I have may have a lady crush). The music was layered with complexity but also clean and true. Such a good show. Thank you, darling Ingrid, for getting me out of the house for an unexpected evening of fun and talent! You are a true gem, friend!

Another of my favorites, about a guy lucky enough to have a pig heart transplant (it’s a really charming song, trust me):

Happy May 1st (Yay May, one of my very favorite months!), and have a beautiful weekend!

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