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It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything about men’s fashion, so I thought I’d share our favorite brands for men’s tee shirts. Since tee shirts are an obvious wardrobe staple (especially for men), I think it’s worth it to spend a little more on one that is flattering and will only get better with age. The best tees are soft, worn in, slightly slim-fitting tees that are flattering and can be worn with anything.

First up (from left): Mollusk California. This is a great hemp/cotton blend tee that is lightweight and airy, perfect for summer.


Second (and my absolute favorite): Levi Strauss 1970’s Tee (the link takes you to a brighter blue color that I think it really fun, but unfortunately the navy stripe is out of stock). I found this on sale for $35 in the Chicago Steven Alan store and soon faced one of those regretful situations where I wished I had bought three more! It looks amazing with his tattoos and the fabric is really nice.

Third (far right): Norse Projects (shown above in navy). This is one of my favorite tees Andrew wears. It is soft and not too lightweight, and the tiny flecks of color throughout make it more interesting than a plain navy tee. Buy the shirt above here, and see more Norse Projects here or here.

Fourth: Left Field. Another favorite, this tee is soft as can be and heavyweight ringspun cotton. Plus, they are made here in the U.S. so, bonus there!

Of notable mention, we also both love Jungmaven tees, hemp/cotton mix (and the women’s shirts are equally great). They are a bit thinner but don’t seem to shrink in the wash too much and are perfect undershirts or shirts for summer adventure. The biggest challenge here is to pick one — there are so many great colors!

And though we have yet to try them, I’ve heard great things about Velva Sheen brand tees… which basically rounds out much of what Steven Alan carries in their t-shirt department!

Also, check out Hickoree’s t-shirts for an extra special something… and while you’re there, you must check out their selection of amazing ties and bow ties (which your guy should not wear with a tee shirt)!

How about you? What are your favorite men’s t-shirt brands?

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  1. Thanks for this! As I’m starting to dress my new post-baby body, I have started thinking about how to help my husband’s wardrobe, too. He lives in cargo shorts and t-shirts so if I can at least make them QUALITY t-shirts, I might feel better about it.

    In an unrelated note, a shop just opened in Maplewood called City Farm and Feed. On the corner of Manchester and Bellevue. As I wandered through it, I realized it seemed like a store you might enjoy.

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