Breakfast with the Ladies

DSC_0376DSC_0419Yesterday morning I spent my time sweating and swatting at the tiny red ants that crawled into my shoes and up my leg, attempting in vain to protect the massive nest which I was single-handedly destroying as I pulled weeds and the rest of the strawberry plants from one of the beds of the boys’ school vegetable garden. My job was a small one: to clear the bed and to take over morning duty for these lovely ladies in exchange for some good fresh air, exercise, and any eggs that might be waiting in the nesting box. It was a fair trade. DSC_0375DSC_0397DSC_0402To say I relished the time is an understatement. I found myself looking around, between tossing fresh berries to the gossiping chickens, for more to do. It was peace and quiet and a refreshingly cool morning. My sweat did its job of cooling me well and too soon I found it was time to go, much to my disappointment. It’s good to help, especially when you find the work so satisfying.
DSC_0428DSC_0387DSC_0438Having skipped breakfast and only working on a cup of coffee in my stomach, I came home ravenous and immediately ate two of the fresh eggs (one with a lucky double yolk!) with feta and tomato sauce baked in the oven and accompanied by whole wheat toast. So delicious. Thank you for breakfast, ladies. I’ll be back soon! DSC_0441

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