Weekend Shenanigans

DSC_0048DSC_0052DSC_0010DSC_0012DSC_0023This weekend, we celebrated Emil’s 4th birthday, attended the boys’ back to school family swim night (with very little swimming — it was pretty chilly!), played in the large green space down the street from our house… well, I read on a blanket while the boys tore around me in all directions playing frisbee and soccer and rolling down the hill in a giant blue tunnel… but you get the point! We also did a lot of back-to-school shopping for snacks and supplies and shoes and and and…

Whew! We are ready. The weekend placed the first kiss of fall weather upon us. It was cool and overcast at times, sunny at others, but never uncomfortably hot. While the low pressure has me fighting day four of the-neverending-headache, I can’t even complain because it is just so gorgeous outside!
DSC_0024DSC_0037DSC_0057DSC_0059DSC_0060DSC_0070DSC_0074DSC_0084DSC_0220DSC_0171We’re all excited about school starting this week. I’m chomping at the bit to read and write more and have some slower afternoons to myself, while Milo, Oliver, and Emil are all expressing excitement to see their friends and get into a routine. Especially Oliver, who is just such a school boy. This year he will be joining Milo in the Lower Elementary classroom (grades 1-3) and I think it’s going to be really good for him. He always rises to the occasion at school.

As for Milo, it will actually be good for him to remove his nose from a book for a minute or two! He is very into Harry Potter right now, having read the first four books in quick succession. He is currently on chapter 14 of the 5th book, has the 6th on his dresser waiting, and recently informed me that he’s going to need the 7th for his birthday. I think a whole stack of books are coming his way with the way he devours them!DSC_0174DSC_0217Here’s to birthdays and school days! Have a beautiful Monday!

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