DSC_0018DSC_0009DSC_0014On our way to Asheville, we were welcomed into the lovely home of our dear friends, Cat and Garriy, in Knoxville, Tennessee. We pulled up in front of their cheerful, charming home in the early evening, eager to meet their adorable little baby boy for the first time. They showered our boys with gifts and fed us all a nourishing, delicious dinner (which offset the fast food we’d picked up for lunch that always manages to give us stomach aches since we eat it so rarely) while we fawned all over Luca. I proceeded to drool over their historic home with high ceilings and open spaces, including the amazing outdoor areas (my favorite being the front porch… I could live out there– check out that climbing geranium!). More than anything, though, it warmed our hearts to be with our friends after not seeing them for so long. The last time I had seen Cat, she was newly pregnant with that beautiful babe! Amazing!

We decided to duck out a bit early to get the boys in bed, but planned to wake early and meet the following morning, well-rested (ha! funny joke, that plan!) for breakfast. What ensued was disaster in a hotel room, for the room we were grateful and relieved that we did not disturb our friends, as the boys were restless and just a little bit naughty and loud and no one really slept that night. But the following morning, we were treated to this beautiful day and this great breakfast place:
DSC_0019DSC_0022DSC_0023Oli Bea, in the Old City — a light-filled restaurant facing the morning sun, just a short walk from tons of great little shops, restaurants, and the Saturday morning farmer’s market. I highly recommend the breakfast tacos, and the coffee was delicious!DSC_0025DSC_0032We walked up to the farmer’s market after breakfast and allowed the boys to stretch their legs a bit (and buy a couple of books) before the last leg of our trip. DSC_0026DSC_0035DSC_0029It was a short but sweet morning with our friends, who we hope will visit us sometime soon, as we need more time with them! I need a few more hours with that beautiful baby!  DSC_0039DSC_0036Thanks, sweet friends, for making us feel so welcome and showing us your fine little town!

P.s. – We devoured that wonderful pumpkin cake on one of our hikes in Asheville and I swear, I’ve never tasted anything so delicious 🙂

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  1. We were so over the moon to see you all. I can’t believe you even got some shots of Luca before he started wailing! Next time, we’ll come see you and Luca will have had his naps 😉 Truly, thank you all for taking precious vacation time to see us. We miss you loads.

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