Weekend Shenanigans


This weekend we were graced with weather more indicative of late April than early February. It was warm, sunny, and windy, and so we found ourselves at the old stomping grounds surrounded by neighbors and friends. It was a welcome respite from winter, though so far we have been lucky with a mild winter… it’s been much more bearable than last winter!



But the highlight of our weekend was dinner on Saturday night with our dear friends Maggie and Alex to celebrate Maggie’s birthday. We found ourselves immediately jumping into a raucous mischievous night, the details of which I’ll spare you… but let me just admit that a delayed reservation for our table may have contributed to more drinking than usual, with less food to soak up the alcohol, and well, you know how that can end up.


I’m embarrassed to say that I did not bring my camera and so Andrew took the above photos with his iPhone, and I regret not turning the thing on him sitting with Maggie, who looked absolutely amazing, by the way. As she always does. Those two are like a barrel full of monkeys! Thanks for an amazing night, guys! DSC_0007Hope your weekend was fantastic and full of all the best kinds of mischief!


DSC_0012The title of this post should actually be “read, practically in a few hours time” because I flew through it I loved it so much. It’s a disturbing murder mystery with a few great twists, as can be expected from Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl — such a captivating read if you are the last person on earth who has not read it. And speaking of Gone Girl, I finally watched the movie last weekend and thought it was excellent. I was worried because I’m often so disappointed by the film renditions of books I love, but because Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay herself, I think the movie played it as close as possible to the book as a couple hours time can.

This type of fiction is so addictive to me. I have been reading a lot of science or education-related books lately, but I often devour novels in-between for a break and for fun. A necessary escape, especially in these gray winter months.

What are you reading?


DSC_0015Today I am 35. A good age, I think. What a privilege.

The above photo is one of my favorites — my dad, who rarely made an appearance on the other side of the camera, holding a not-yet-one-year-old me on his shoulder. I think of my life so far and feel completely and utterly blown away by how lucky I have been. The people I have known and loved, the experiences and travel and challenges, the three beautiful healthy children I have brought into this world with the love of my life and best friend, the life we have built together. The joy I have found in writing and blogging and photography and more importantly, the gratitude I feel toward Andrew for the work he does to make my creative pursuits a possibility in the first place.

I recently laid eyes upon the most fabulous older woman at a coffee shop I frequent. She had cropped straight silver hair with super short bangs, round glasses and flowing interesting clothes full of daring vibrant prints. She exuded an untouchable grace and confidence that made her many wrinkles enviable. It was obvious to me all at once that she had let herself age naturally (no stretched-tight skin anywhere) and the deep laugh lines at the corners of her eyes and mouth brought so much character to her face. She had lived a full life so far. I will be like her some day, I thought to myself.

Some of the most beautiful women I know are much older and glow from the inside out. It is happiness and confidence and experience. And that, above all else, I value in growing older. I am so happy to be here today, healthy, happy, and able to tell the people I love that very thing, that I love them. It’s a good thing, this life.

Weekend Shenanigans


It often feels like a hamster wheel — the running and running and getting nowhere, emerging sweaty and breathless and a little bit dizzy. To say this weekend was the hamster wheel would be to admit that we went nowhere fast; the errands that turned into disasters as I found myself standing, in high heels and a dress, on the edge of the highway in cold rain with a flat tire as trucks whizzed past spraying dirty water into a mist around me. I will not let this shit ruin my day. 

The kids were thankfully at home with Andrew, who I called from the side of the road, mostly ashamed that I had lost my confidence after all these years in being able to change a tire on my own. I realized later that I could have, should have done it myself, that I knew exactly how to do it, and promised myself stubbornly that next time I will — even if it means kicking off the heels and kneeling on the cold asphalt. But then I got totally lost on the way to stupid Costco, the whole point of the trip. The hamster wheel, I just keep pushing forward sometimes, going nowhere. DSC_0059DSC_0054

Emil has proven (in case we did not learn from the two who came before him) that three is indeed the most emotional roller coaster of any age — he seems to have entered the insane stage where everything is a complete disaster and worth crying and crying and crying over.

For example:


Mama: What’s wrong? Are you hurt?

Emil: NOOO! I can’t get dees hotels on my fing-ews! (He was trying to put a Monopoly hotel on every finger of each hand, unsuccessfully as he could not use the first hotel-covered hand to put hotels onto the other hand)

Mama: Oh, let me help you then!

Emil: No! I don’t like you.

No, of course you don’t. Typical.


What makes it harder for him is that the age gap seems to be magically closing between Milo and Oliver (they are 23 months apart) and they are always interested in doing the same things now, like playing Monopoly for hours on end, or discovering the properties of magnets, or reading (more like Milo reading out loud to Oliver). They try to include Emil in their games, but he is often just too little and either loses interest or becomes frustrated and feels like the odd man out. That’s the exact point at which he turns on them and decides the best way to interact with his big brothers is to torment them by flinging their Monopoly board or money into the air and running away laughing… or just randomly coming up behind them and hitting one of them (usually, nearly always Oliver) on the head with something very heavy and shockingly dangerous like a skateboard or rolling pin.

No joke, he has broken exactly two rolling pins over Oliver’s head in the past week.

But I digress…DSC_0090DSC_0095DSC_0099DSC_0102DSC_0105

We went to the Science Center on Sunday so Andrew could get a little work done in peace, and peace is what we (finally) found in an all-but-empty science center, as apparently everyone in this country cares about football games and I often forget about them until someone asks me my Superbowl party plans, to which I respond, “I’m sorry, what?” 

It’s not a snobby thing, I promise. It’s just not a thing I have ever cared about or participated in growing up. And not having a television makes it even more elusive. Not a bad thing. Just a thing I’m completely out of touch with. But we had fun, man did we ever!DSC_0107DSC_0121DSC_0122DSC_0126DSC_0128

All three boys spent the majority of our time there at the coolest topographic map exhibit, made with some sand and some kind of magic projection from above that makes the different elevations change color as you move the sand around.

But the highlight of their day happened when the nice concession stand lady snuck the boys some gummy worms for free, and Oliver shoved one up under his upper lip like Fire Marshall Bill. I laughed so hard I almost peed. About as hard as I laughed when I turned the corner to see Oliver like this:DSC_0152It’s so hard being little.

Hope you have a great week ahead of you. Even if some of it feels like running in circles.