On Being Three



Being three is so hard. It seems that almost overnight, sweet little Oliver has become a mess. A turmoil of conflicting emotions and tears– a virtual volcano of feelings ready to blow at the slightest provocation. A piece of popsicle falling onto the sidewalk= instant waterworks. A block tower collapsing? Disaster. Those things may seem like relevant reasons to cry if you are three, but for a kid who rarely cared about such things, it is new and difficult. Poor kid.


This past weekend, the weather was beyond gorgeous. Storms on Friday blew in cool weather and we were finally able to turn off the air conditioning and open all the windows for some much-needed fresh air. There is something about breeze blowing through white curtains, music flowing through open windows, feeling chilly enough in the morning for cuddles in a blanket on the couch… hot coffee again holds a purpose to warm and comfort rather than just wake up a foggy tired head.






We took walks to playgrounds, practiced two-wheeler riding (he’s almost ready to sidewalk it!), picked more apples from our tree and baked a custard apple pie (so good!), and sorted through more stuff to give away in order to simplify. It was a good weekend.



Tomorrow is the official first day of preschool for Milo and Oliver (finally!) and I will be having some one-on-one time with my babe Emil (who has suddenly become quite the handful just in time). Enjoy your Monday!

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  1. Wish we had an apple tree…hickory nut pie sounds less appealing. Buck up my young Ollivander, your sweetness will shine at preschool and I believe it is the kids with the biggest hearts that have the hardest time being three (I’m counting on it actually).

  2. Oh, those crocodile tears! And half a popsicle on the ground is totally traumatic.

    I am LOVING that photo of your baby on the rug. So cute. And enjoy your time with only one kid!

  3. For our family, the “threes” were by far worse the the “terrible twos” that everyone talks about. It’s so emotional and draining for those little guys as they try to understand the world around them and find a place inside it. Here’s hoping things settle down for your little guy soon.

  4. Poor guy. Life can be rough even when it’s so simple. And I must say, I always admire you much fun you seem to work into your days, but all the while doing the productive and necessary things as well. You all seem to always be having a fun adventure, even if it’s in your own backyard.

  5. That sweet sad little face! Heart wrenching. I’m not sure that I love all these comments about how much worse three is than two though- I was hoping spontaneous tantrums and whatnot would quiet down as they can communicate more. Guess not!

    Looks like you guys had a great weekend, apple custard pie? Yum!

  6. Oh, Oliver! I think he just broke my heart. I can totally tell that those tears are REAL. Yes, being 3 is hard. It’s hard at our house too. But boy if he isn’t the cutest chubby cheeked distraught boy!


  7. Poor Oliver. It’s so hard to be little. I remember going through that phase around 4, and just losing my mind over seemingly little stuff. And when you’re little you can really wail and moan, not just the boring quiet adult crying.

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