This Day


On this day, 24 years ago, my father passed away. I miss him in a way that is hard to explain — it is no longer a gut-wrenching, agonizing grief, but a someone-is-missing way. It’s a melancholy ache I feel when I think of all that I want to share with him, and so I share him with them, with anyone who will listen, really, but mostly with my boys, who never knew him. I tell him about his gangly, goofy walk, of his hot temper, of his practical jokes and love of art and photography.

I tell them the stories my aunt told me about when he was a boy hiding in her closet for what felt like hours to her, until just the right moment, and springing out to scare her after she had been sitting at her desk for so long she had been sure she was alone. I tell them about the funny ways he said certain things, sayings that Andrew and I often banter back and forth between laughter. It’s how he lives on — through his art that hangs on our walls, on the walls of our family and friends, on the walls of galleries across the country from where they were taken so many years before — but also through our words, our stories, our memories and the feelings that flood our hearts when we think of him.

Today, we celebrate you, Dad. We miss you, but you are with us always.

Circus Practice



Much of our time is spent, as a family, at Circus Harmony. With the boys in three different levels, and begging to improve upon their tumbling skills, we find ourselves spending hours in their space, three separate days a week. Emil has decided to take a little break from classes, but he is learning through osmosis and exposure; he often stretches, does his version of jumping jacks, planks, and clowning from the stands while we watch the big boys learn and grow.  Continue reading “Circus Practice”

Raspberry Goat Cheese Blondies


Even though it’s technically pumpkin everything season (and Halloween is quickly approaching), we picked up a big 2-pint container of juicy ripe raspberries at the grocery store and just couldn’t eat them fast enough. I decided, after viewing this recipe, that we needed to use them up in my first attempt at a blondie recipe. They turned out really well! Just a word of warning, this kind of treat is the furthest thing from healthy, but sometimes you just need some butter and sugar in your life. The goat cheese cuts the sweetness and the raspberries add just the right amount of tart. I hope you enjoy these, even if you don’t actually make them until next summer!  Continue reading “Raspberry Goat Cheese Blondies”