Weekend Shenanigans


This past weekend… well, it’s not technically “past” if it’s still going on the fourth day, is it? I took the boys to the City Museum on Friday as a reward for filling up another sticker chart for “polite, helpful, and kind behavior,” and before you roll your eyes, I assure you I’m rolling them myself. But sometimes you need a little boost of positivity when you’re stuck in a rut of arguing with your brothers over the smallest things. Anyway, we had a blast, especially since there weren’t many people there. We stayed indoors most of the day, as it was freezing outside, but the boys begged to end the day in the outdoor part of the museum. Emil and I parked ourselves beside the fire pit and roasted marshmallows until I heard the unmistakable cries of Oliver from about three stories up. I followed the sound and found him inside a metal cage, perched atop a metal pyramid, stuck and scared to move, tears streaming down his face and just about turning to ice. Poor little guy! I helped him down and we warmed up by the fire before heading home and relaxing for the rest of the day.




Friday night, Maggie & Alex, our smart and funny friends, saved me from cooking (Andrew was out of town) and brought pizza and beer (thanks, guys!). I so enjoyed their company and never feel like it’s work to hang out with these wonderful people. The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. Snow arrived on Sunday morning and we have enjoyed hunkering down and staying cozy and warm while everything outdoors is white and bright. I love this part of winter, but I’m starting to itch for spring… DSC_0272DSC_0266DSC_0255DSC_0256

I hope you had a great weekend and that this finds you well today! Happy President’s Day… and speaking of which, did anyone catch the debate on Saturday night? Whew! What a train wreck!

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  1. I’m convinced there is never a bad photo taken at the City Museum.

    My husband and oldest daughter were camping all weekend, so I put the youngest to bed just before 8, and streamed the debate on the ipad while I started on a big sewing project. Trainwreck is right. I watched the whole thing and ended up working on my project until after 2am. I think I was running on internal turmoil or something. The sewing calmed me down a bit.

    When I’m home alone I tend to not have a glass of wine with dinner or after dinner, but I joked with my husband later that I should never have watched that debate sober.

    I think i’ve watched most or all of the debates – I watch both sides – but that had to have been the worst one yet. I texted my friend Brooke about it – she was just leaving a lovely play she and her husband attended – and I think I ruined her night with my rant! 🙂

    Switching gears back to nice things – that last photo looks like the view outside, white and silvery and foggy.

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