Happy Earth Day!


Today is Earth Day (it also happens to be Andrew and my 9th wedding anniversary — no surprise to those of you who were there at our very hippy-dippy wedding so many years ago)! To celebrate the importance and joy of getting out into nature, I happily accepted the task of writing a cover story for The Washington Post about the topic. It’s not my typical writing style, and certainly gave me a new appreciation for how much hard work goes into a piece like this. Thank you, Mari-Jane, for taking a chance on me!

I hope you have a great weekend. Go outside!

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  1. Happy Anniversary. It’s a gorgeous day for it! My sister and I were both born in April, and it’s just one of my favorite months for celebrations – everything is so clean and new.

    (And I loved the part in the article “before the mosquitos come out…” – so true. That’s what I said all last weekend – there’s such a narrow window of blissful weather before the bites begin!)

  2. Happy Anniversary! I still often think about your wedding (seriously). It has always stuck with me how it was really ALL about the love between you and Andrew and the family that you were to have! We all got to be a part of something very special and also, by the way, had an amazingly fun time!! Frank and I talk about every time we drive by the Arboretum. Hope you have a beautiful day!!!

  3. Thank you! And Kathy, thank you for the sweet memories. It was such a good celebration and we have so many beautiful memories. I’m so glad you and Frank were able to celebrate with us!

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