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2016-05-01 23.29.17

Our garden is coming along nicely! This year we got our acts together early enough to plant seeds instead of plants, which saved a ton of money and will hopefully ensure hardiness of the plants.

So far we are growing strawberries (they come back in full force every year on their own), herbs (also came back on their own this year except for the basil), spinach, kale, lettuces, radishes, carrots, beets, pole beans, sweet peas, tomatoes, eggplant, a variety of peppers, and cucumbers. I’m also hoping to find another tomatillo plant this year, as ours did very well last year and we made all kinds of salsa and sauces from its produce.

2016-05-01 23.39.532016-05-01 23.30.282016-05-01 23.32.36

The best part about planting seeds is that you have to thin the young plants, allowing some yummy baby greens for snacking without feeling bad about it! I have been enjoying plenty of baby spinach, lettuce, and baby kale during this process. 2016-05-01 23.39.002016-05-01 23.38.242016-05-01 23.39.17DSC_0002

Our weather has been beautiful this spring — we even caught this double rainbow over our neighbor’s house following a quick springtime storm. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. We were in Iowa last week, but I follow a few KWMU reporters on twitter, and the photographs from last weekend’s storms (including that double rainbow) were incredible. I think this might be my favorite spring out almost twenty in this place. We’re camping this weekend and the weather is going to be amazing.

    Looking forward to the circus night photos!

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