Dress That Mama Challenge, Day 9: Tie-Back



I love Elizabeth Suzann’s Crop top (Maxine Crop in Raw Silk), but I realized my vintage silk top (which I picked up for $40 in Chicago) could be tied back in a similar fashion to create the same look! I think it’s so pretty with high-waisted jeans.

Top: Vintage

Jeans: Imogene + Willie (Elizabeth — sold out wash, but similar here)

Clog Booties: Rachel Comey

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  1. I love that shirt and love that it can go either way (though I would not be bold enough to wear it tied in front)…. what do you do for a bra? I have one of those stick on bras that actually works pretty well, but I feel like I avoid open-back things b/c of the bra issue….

  2. So true, Noelle! I just didn’t wear one, but would probably feel better with one of the stick-on bras. I’m only an A cup, so I think I can get away with braless as long as the front is kind of loose. I would not be bold enough to wear it tied in front, though it is so pretty on those models!

  3. Seriously, Lauren. So perfect. Love, love, love your style! Keep the style posts comin’ 🙂 By the way, I’ve been eyeing those Imogene and Willie jeans for years and I’m wondering, are they really that good? They look amazing, for sure. How high is the rise? I’ve been trying Madewell jeans and although they’re good, the 9″ rise just isn’t high enough. I’m more of an 11″ (or even 12″) rise girl myself. Thanks! xx

  4. Nicole, the Imogene and Willie jeans are my all-time favorite. They are very high rise, which I love, because they hit at my true waist instead of somewhere below, as in the thinnest part of my torso. I have not tried the Madewell high rise jeans, but I think these are higher. If I were you, I would definitely give I & W a try. Their return policy is fair if they don’t fit.

  5. Hey Lauren I love your blog and I have been following you for sometime!! I love how you took this vintage shirt and tied it in the back like the other one you referenced. You please share with me how you did that? I just cannot figure it out, but I love it so much!!!

    Thank you!!

  6. Hi Renee, thank you!

    The top is a vintage silk top that buttons up the back. I just put the top on unbuttoned (with the back parts folded so the buttons and holes didn’t show, then tied it!

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