Spending our days with Emil means a whole lot of laughter. The things that come out of this kid’s mouth! I promise you, dinnertime is never dull, with all of us nearly spitting our food out from laughing at his antics. It really is true that the youngest in the family tend to be the funniest, most entertaining little creatures! Here are a few things Emil has said lately:

(While unwrapping a Babybel cheese he was about to have as a snack) Matthew hates Babybels because he hates babies. I was a baby once, and he hated me. (Matthew is one of Emil’s closest friends at school)

I’m MELLLLLLLLTTTTTTTING down! (crying, while walking to the front door after a very long, tiring day)

Mom, what is my body made of? Well, flesh, blood, and bone, mostly. Nope. Mine is made of gummies. 


What are belly buttons for? Bacteria? 

Look at me! I’m a piece of toast! (said while jumping up and down… )

(To one of his beloved circus teachers) You can’t use the smallest potty in the world. It’s been shrinked! 

(To another beloved circus teacher on a different day) Can I stand on your face? No, you can not stand on my face. Well, I could if you lay down… 

Mammmmaaaaaaa! (yelling from the bathroom) Do dogs like stinky bottoms? 

(Singing) We didn’t start the fire, the world keeps turning and the balls keep burning… We didn’t start the fire… 


Mom, there’s something good— Mom, I’m the teacher — there’s something good here: the squid FARTED! Mom, watch this, it’s gonna kiss me! (While playing with his toy squid in the bathtub and using suction to make noises underwater)

(After school one day, about one of his teachers): Mom, Mrs. Jente is coming over to our house today. IF her mom and dad say she can. 

(When asked to clean up a huge mess of Legos): Oh! I didn’t make that mess. Emil did. (He was dressed as Fireman Bob at the time. Touché.)

(While on a long hike, after watching 4 very fit shirtless men run by on the trail): Look at allllllll those belly buttons (wistfully)

DSC_0011Is this yucky, Mom? (Farts in the tub. For real.) HAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!

This is my bath towel. It says, Fire. Chief. I’m a fire chief. 

(At the dinner table, after Oliver got up from the table and cleared his plate) Oliver lives in a different town. He lives in Mrs. Drew’s house. 

(The first thing he says to me one day when he wakes up): When you die, your nose just DROPS OFF! Really! It does. 

(Taking my face in his hands before bedtime) Mama, you have a lovely head. Now you tell me a story.  


You have a lovely head, too, my Emil.

P.s. — Emil-isms from two years ago

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  1. Too cute! It MUST be a youngest thing I swear, my husband is also the youngest so he and our youngest are our household comedic duo.

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