DIY Fun: Painting Pots/Propagating Succulents



Last week we decided to paint pots on the back patio. The whole project only cost $20, given that we already had paint brushes and soil and the succulents we planned to plant in each little pot. I picked up the pots, saucers, and patio paints (paint specific for terra cotta pots) at Michael’s: six pots, six saucers, and four 2-oz bottles of acrylic patio paint, then set them up at the back table. They each got to paint two pots and two saucers, and they were so busy and quiet for so long, I’d say it was a success!


Side note: Emil is looking more and more like Andrew these days!


Bonus: the pots dried within 2 hours. We decided to propagate the little plant-lets from our Donkey Ear Succulent (Kalanchoe gastonis bonnieri) which, when happy, produces little baby plants on the tips of each leaf. In order to take advantage of these new baby plants, wait until the root system is rather extensive and there are at least 4 leaves on the baby plant:


Simply snip off baby plant close to the mother leaf, trying not to take off too much of the original leaf so the mother plant can recover quickly. The mother plant will continue to produce baby plants from the tips after you remove baby plants.


The mature donkey ear plant can reach about 2 feet tall, and will sometimes flower in the fall, sending out tall red, coral, or orange blossoms known to attract hummingbirds to the garden (if you are in a warm enough climate to keep yours outdoors all year round). It’s a really cool-looking, easy to care for plant. DSC_0027DSC_0030DSC_0035

And now we have six more!

Milo has seemed to develop my green thumb, fussing over and caring for the baby plants, pushing his finger gently into the soil to see if he needs to water them. It’s a great thing to see him care about other living things!

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