Scenes from Montessori


It goes without saying that the Montessori method has become a huge part of our lives over the past two years. After moving all three boys into the same program, we have experienced nothing but joy watching them learn and develop in ways that are respectful and thoughtful to their developmental stages, ways that are respectful to them as human beings with free will and an innate desire to learn and conquer new skills. I can’t say enough about this model of education.

And while I know there’s a lot of push-back against posts like these — blogs and social media accounts that brag about this method or that method and end up making parents feel bad about what they are not doing — that’s not at all what I aim to do. It’s just that when you find something that fits, that makes sense, you feel the urge to share it with everyone. So I share. I share with the intention of educating, not pushing. I share so that maybe we can open our minds to what education can be, because I believe it can be so much more.




I am so surprised, so enlightened, almost on a daily basis, about Montessori. I see my children thriving, and so many others alongside them. They are part of something so much bigger, and it is beautiful.

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  1. While Montessori isn’t taught in my children’s schools, I appreciate the glimpses you provide into how the method works for your family. The photos of the schools environment are so lovely – I would love to spend MY days in a place like that!

  2. What a lovely learning environment! Could you please describe the purpose/activity in the photo with the knit rectangle? Curious to know!

    1. Charylien, do you mean the picture with the placemats for lunch? The child is setting the knit placemats for each child, upon which they put the plates, cloth napkins, and silverware. They set the tables for lunch and then clean them up (including doing dishes) every day, which really makes it feel like a home/family environment!

  3. What a beautiful post! Lovely Montessori environment – everything looks meticulous and home-like, not school-like; you are very lucky to be in such a school setting 🙂 Anya

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