Dress That Mama: Fall Color


This past weekend, it was so warm, we didn’t need sweaters. Or jackets, or anything warm, for that matter! When the light is just right and the air is just a little bit warm, I feel the magic of fall in a different way — it feels like a celebration of color! 

So, yes, here we are in front of that door again, because I just couldn’t resist these colors together! And, quite funny, I’m once again wearing Ace & Jig Culottes. This time, I found a pair second-hand for a bargain price and I am completely in love with the fun colors and slightly circus-y feel.


Some days are for COLOR! Welcome, fall. Please stay awhile.

Outfit Details:

Top: Repurposed from an old Sundry Dress

Pants: Ace & Jig Culottes in Mirage, bought secondhand

Socks: Hansel from Basel

Lace-up Clogs: Rachel Comey (bought secondhand)

Backpack: Borrowed from Andrew, similar here 

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  1. I just wanted to let you know how much I love your style and your blog. I’m a Philly working, clog loving ,social worker and I read you were too. So your blog touches a cord with me.

    1. Well thank you, Kia! I appreciate you taking the time to say hello! Social work can be such a challenging and rewarding career all wrapped into one. Sometimes I really do miss it!

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