Montessori-Inspired: God’s Eye Weaving


Ah, the wonderful things you can do with yarn! Last week, we shared our beeswax-preserved fall leaves, which we hung all around the house to decorate for fall. This week, I wanted to share with you the God’s Eye weaving that my boys have been doing after school, in the car, at the breakfast table, and even when we go out to dinner while we wait for the food!


They also make these while I’m reading out loud to them in the afternoon, as it is such a calming, quiet activity that seems to bring them back to center after being around a whole lot of (wonderful! noisy! fantastic!) kids at school. Because we really limit screen time during the week, it’s nice to have a few suggestions for quiet activities. And with the holidays coming, plenty of days off school, and plenty of cooler, wet, rainy, and eventually snowy days, we’ll be spending more cozy days indoors. Some of the more complicated, larger versions of these can include beads, metallic thread, and other beautiful things and would make wonderful homemade Christmas presents, which is a trend we’re leaning towards this holiday season. The more effort and time the boys put into a gift, the more meaningful it is to give it away to someone they love!


I love the tutorial below, but you can also do these using the kind of yarn that automatically changes color instead of stopping to change threads. Those are fun because there’s no telling ahead of time how they will turn out.

For older children and even for yourself, the tutorial below shows how to make some more complicated versions.

I hope you enjoy this — there are so many beautiful, creative variations!

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