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It’s almost Thanksgiving, and this year we’re so excited to be hosting my mom and brother for dinner. I can’t wait for the turkey, which Andrew smokes slowly all day long in our ceramic grill (which, thank goodness, frees up the oven for all the tasty sides)… though it does make the gravy a bit smoky-tasting!


And I’m curious; what are you making this year? Below, our menu.


We’ll snack on this cheesy spinach artichoke dip while preparing/waiting for the big feast. I only make it once a year, so it seems extra special!


Slow-roasted green beans with sage from Bon Appetite (my favorite way to eat green beans)…


My favorite macaroni and cheese.


This simple seasonal salad of hearty winter greens includes baby collards, turnip greens, and/or kale in a light lemon-garlic vinaigrette, and also gives the tart pop of cranberry that goes so well with turkey (without the gloppy cranberry jelly that no one eats). I think we all crave more light, citrusy, clean food alongside the rich stuff, so this will be a perfect compliment to all that butter, cheese, and heavy cream!


Fresh bread (Andrew and Oliver will do this together the night before).

We’ll also be serving Annie’s family’s secret recipe holiday mashed potatoes (hint: you make them the night before, then pop them in the oven) which have eggs, sour cream, and lots of butter (among other super secret ingredients). The result is a light, fluffy mashed potato dish with a crispy, savory crust on top. If she lets me share the recipe, I will!


I’ll be making this Barley Salad with Mushrooms (I’m making it with wheat berries instead of barley, and chanterelle mushrooms, which are in season here) because I think my mom will love all the fresh herbs alongside the buttery mushrooms and flavorful shallots. Mmmm…

We’re skipping the sweet potatoes this year since I’m the only one who ever eats them.

And of course, as a nod to my mother’s German heritage, we will have sauerkraut!

Of course, let’s not forget about dessert! I think it’s worthwhile to make fresh whipped cream — it’s easy, and you can tone down the sweetness if you like. I usually only add a touch of sugar and vanilla to good-quality heavy cream to go alongside all those sweet pies.


I’m trying this Best Pumpkin Pie recipe (yes, another one by Bon Appetit) which sounds pretty close to perfect. Oliver will no doubt be helping with the pies as well. He LOVES pie! I love that there is maple syrup, condensed milk, and heavy cream in this one. I’ll let you know how it turns out!


… And this not-too-sweet apple custard pie.

And it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pecan pie! I’m giving this one a try this year in hopes that my top pecans won’t burn this time for crying out loud. I’ll be making this, and the pumpkin pie, the day before.

Now it’s your turn! What dish are you most looking forward to? Do you try new recipes for Thanksgiving, or stick with your tried-and-true failsafe recipes?

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  1. Yay, I never realized my mom’s famous “Holiday Potatoes” were such a hit with you! I always make a double batch, one for the feast and one for me. Absolutely you can share…don’t be afraid of butter, people! Happy Thanksgiving to our STL Family and friends. xo.

  2. Thank you for sharing, these look amazing! Did I miss the link to the barley salad recipe? It sounds wonderful, and I’d love to try it!

  3. One of my favorite things about the holidays is having recipes that you only make once a year. It does add a special (and almost magical) touch to the celebration. This has reminded me that I need to make your mac and cheese! Cannot wait to try it! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. UPDATE: Your mac and cheese recipe was a hit in our household! And so much easier to make than my usual recipe. This creamy recipe was perfect for the cold snowy weather we’ve been having in Utah. Thank you again for sharing!

  4. I decided to use the pumpkin pie recipe for a slight change this year (we had my family Thanksgiving on Saturday). For lack of time I used a pre-made pie crust (I normally make from scratch) then followed the custard portion of the recipe. Dare I say this is my new go to? Also, I really think pumpkin pie tastes so much better after two days in the fridge…is that just me?

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