Bow Tie + Elbow Patches


Blue plaid bow tie, Grip and Word: find similar one here

Navy wool sweater with elbow patches, Rugby by Ralph Lauren: find similar one here

Blue chambray dress shirt, JCrew: find similar one here


Brown trousers, Ben Sherman: find similar pair here

Boots, Timberland Boot company: find similar pair here


Elbow patches!

And have a lovely day, you handsome devil!

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  1. I’d like to request that Andrew make a statement in his own defense before I pass judgement. I’m convinced he has been brain-washed, or otherwise abused in a mental fashion.

  2. Rick Poop is full of, well, you know…

    I think you might want to discontinue the “Dress that Prof” series ASAP…you may have women stalking you to track down this handsome devil!!! Looking FINE Andrew!

  3. the husband left this morning with a pocket square in his suit. i couldn’t have been more proud. elbow patches may never happen for me. i’ve accepted this.

  4. I totally agree with Mary. You should discontinue dressing your prof. There must be dozens of students in love with him by now. So next week dress him very nerdy – not hip-nerdy – but regular unfashionable nerdy, just so they realize he is too old, too married, and too uncool to want to run away with. :o)

  5. Poor Ricky P. just doesn’t get it. Nerds are actually cool. The ladies above do have some sage advice, though. Fortunately it’s very likely Andrew is merely amused by any such silly girls.

  6. Dear Richard Poop,

    Brain washing? Maybe that’s why she keeps me sleep deprived.

    A wise man once told me how a family member of his dressed each morning: “Toots sticks it on the bed and I just put it on.” (in proper Hillbilly voice, of course). I have finally seen the glory of that approach. I only wish that Lauren’s name was actually “Toots.”

  7. I have read all of the comments and had a giggle. This post is too cute! Your husband has an amazing smile. It is lovely to meet you Lauren. Thanks for popping by. ps: My husband has a condition that if he lets me dress him I also have to undress him! It seems fair enough. He is always wearing his negotiation pants. Enjoy your day.

  8. The Toots approach is not all bad. Lauren has got you all dolled up with some fine looking pieces of cloth. However, if you turn up on here with some sort of scarf or man purse next week, I’ll disown you as a friend.

    By the way, I’m sure none of the women on here agree, but your face looks so much more smackable with a bow tie underneath it.

  9. I just wanted to drop a line (or two) here! I enjoy your blog soooo much, and the expansion to food and fashion is awesome!! If you are excepting requests, I would be interested in you and your friends’ fave baby products from sunscreen, butt cream, pacifier to baby jumper and stroller. There are so many things out there that first time mum is lost! I love real people advice, and I feel like I end up buying twice until I find what works (I went thru 5 different butt creams, and two carriers) . Thanks, Z.

  10. Yay! Zdenka, I am so happy you are commenting! Yes, I am accepting requests, and I was actually already working on a list of favorite baby products. Look for a post next week! Thanks for commenting!

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