My coffee date this morning- Crackers? No, ack-shully GOLDFISH crackers.

Oliver is becoming quite the know-it-all. The other day, while playing with a little toy monkey, I said to him, “Oliver, this is a chimp. Can you say chimp?” To which he replied, “Ack-shully, it’s a chimpanZEE, Mom.”

When we are stopped at a stoplight, or sitting in a carpool line waiting to pick up Milo on a rainy day, I hear from the way back, “GO, Mom!”

I water down the boys’ apple juice to make it a little less sugary and to make the stuff last longer. Oliver asks for juice. I hand him the beverage, and he takes a thoughtful swig. “Ack-shully, this water-juice, Mom.”

I ask it he is having fun playing with his tools. “Mom this is ack-shully a swew-diver.”

I ask if he would like a sandwich. “Ack-shully, I like a peanut butter sand-ich.” Right. That’s what I said. “No sand-ich, Mom. PEANUT BUTTER SAND-ICH.” Sheesh.

You get the gist. Basically, include all details, or you are wrong.


Emil. “Ack-shully, that’s BABY Emil.”


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  1. Your children are adorable! And I love the name Oliver! My son’s name is Oliver as well! πŸ™‚ It was my mother’s maiden name!

    p.s. Your blog is gorgeous. xo

  2. your children are seriously adorable. how sweet is oliver! our little penny went through a stage around the same age saying the same thing. i could listen to her all day. your oliver seems like a smart little boy. i love his outfit.

  3. I loved this post, hilarious!

    I don’t have children yet but I hope when I do they have as much personality as Oliver!

    {Thanks for your comment on my blog πŸ™‚ }

  4. This is Iris’ favorite word right now, too! She uses it correctly every time. I remember Oren going through that phase as well. It’s adorable- just like Oliver’s sweet hair!

  5. Oh, Annie (M.), Oliver’s hair is a complete mess right now! He won’t let me go anywhere near him to cut it. Am debating just letting him grow it long at this point. Pick your battles, right?

  6. Those boys are too cute and you seriously have the best clothes for them. I have little boy sweater envy! We were at a class the other day and there was a three year old boy having a major meltdown because someone was saying a horn goes “beep beep” and he wanted it to go “honk honk”. Must be a phase where they’re always right- at least Oliver is so polite about it πŸ™‚

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