Milo’s First Thanksgiving

I guess I need to post a picture of me with Milo since Andrew has made me seem somewhat freakish to those who haven’t seen me in a while. So, here we are. Our trip to Ohio went very well, considering we left at 9pm on Tuesday night when Milo fell asleep. Andrew and I both managed to stay awake while Milo slept for a longer stretch than he ever has before: 5 whole hours! I can’t imagine him sleeping a full night through, but that will be fantastic when it happens. We arrived in Cincinnati in a record 7 1/2 hours, unscathed. Although we were pretty tired on Wednesday, we both agreed that driving through the night was the best decision of 2007.

Andrew’s brother Bill and Sister-in-Law Annie put us up (or should I say put up with us) from Wednesday until Saturday morning, which gave Milo some much-needed playtime with his cousin Reina, who is 11 months old and adorable, as you can see! Milo enjoyed playing with Reina’s toys (yes, he is standing up by himself at 3 months- at least able to lean against things for about 5 minutes at a time).
Thanksgiving day, Andrew and I watched Reina (and realized how different the game is when you have two babies rather than just one) until 2pm when Bill came home from work and we headed over to Aunt Janine & Uncle Dan’s for the feast @ 3:00. It was wonderful seeing all the cousins together for the first time with Gina-mom and Michael-dad:
And check out three generations! Gina-mom, Michael-dad, and offspring: 4 brothers, 1 sister, 3 wives, and 4 grandchildren:

The cousins doing damage at Gina-mom’s and Michael-dad’s on Friday:
We had a fantastic time just hanging out on Friday and watching the kids play together. There was wrestling, pants-pooping & toilet clogging (poor Lizzy for the accident, poor Kristin for having to clean it all up), trampoline-jumping, four-wheeling, and of course, eating a delicious meal prepared by Gina-mom. There was also the announcement that this foursome will soon be a fivesome (congrats to Ryan and Kristin)!

Then on Saturday, I took Milo to meet college friends Katie and Kasey. When Milo finally woke up for them, he charmed them with his dimpled smile and fat cheeks. It was great seeing them. Afterwards, we headed to Grandma’s house :
Again, enjoyed a great get-together with my side of the family: Mom, Jeff, my sister Krista & her husband Eric, son Charlie, my brother Jon & his pregnant wife Kelly (who just found out they are having a boy- Congratulations! Yay, another boy cousin to play with!), and Jeff’s daughter Sarah. I think I ate enough for 3 people.

We had a wonderful time, and our only regrets are that we could not stay longer and do not live closer to all these wonderful people. Milo is so lucky to have two wonderful families in his life. We love you!

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  1. It was such fun being together for the holiday! I can’t believe how Milo has grown since I last saw him; Andrew, too! HA! HA! HA!

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