Oh boy… BIG boy!

What’s so funny, you ask?

Milo’s girth, apparently.
This morning was his 3-month check-up, where the pediatrician proceeded to administer three shots, a rotovirus vaccine, and his professional opinion. After weighing & measuring length and head circumference, we learned the following: Milo now weighs 18 pounds (he is off the charts for 3-month-olds), has a head circumference of 14.25 (97th percentile), and is 24.5 inches long (80th percentile for his age). All-in-all, he is very big for his age, but proportionate due to his large head (so those of you who called him a “tick” over Thanksgiving can hold your comments). Needless to say, the pediatrician warned us that obesity is not genetic (after I assured him that I was a very big baby) and though he is not concerned about Milo’s size yet, he saw a 275-pound 9-year-old yesterday who he was quite concerned about. Scare tactics? Maybe. Yes, Milo is a big baby. He is also very active, and is holding his head steady when we pull him up to a sitting position. He stands for 5 minutes at a time with no support, and pushes himself up when on his stomach. Is he headed for obesity? I highly doubt it. The pediatrician recommended giving Milo water, which I do not feel comfortable doing because I am exclusively breastfeeding. Even if we wanted to follow this advice, I doubt Milo would allow it. It is a 30-minute battle to give him a bottle of 2 ounces of breastmilk once in the morning… and he likes milk!

Well, hopefully when Milo gets a little more active, he will thin out a bit. For now, I will enjoy my little (I mean big) muffin man.

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  1. Amen. Listen to the nurses intead. Just because he’s the same size Reina is now…He’ll be fine, just introduce him to the gym, too! 🙂

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