A Week of Firsts

Okay, I’m sorry for not posting for a while, but I have good excuses! Namely, visiting with family and being sick. Yes, one of those “firsts” is the first time I got sick with a stomach virus while trying to take care of an infant. This was not a pleasant first, but thanks to Andrew, Milo was not neglected. Which brings me to our next first:
Is that Milo in his doorway jumper for the first time, you ask? Why yes, it is! While I was hugging the porcelain god, Milo was enjoying a good jump! I could hear him giggling all the way upstairs… at least one of us was having fun.

The other “firsts” this week were our first family Christmas tree (Milo enjoys looking at all the pretty shiny things), Milo’s first snow (I have not taken him out in it yet, it’s only sticking to the cars so far), and Milo putting himself to bed at night!

Now for some more cousin pictures from last Saturday. Ryan and Kristin came down for the Army/Navy game while we watched Lizzy and Ava. Reina was missed. And yes, Ava was there, but managed to evade all pictures, but that is her hand there in the upper left corner!

Lizzy after a long day of playing…
We enjoyed family time and especially dinner after the game with Ryan & Kristin. Hope to see you around the holidays!

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  1. Nothing makes you want your own mommy more than when you’re puking AND still have to BE the mommy. Glad you’re better and that Milo likes to bounce!

  2. What in God’s name is Milo wearing?
    It looks like a pea coat. For babies.
    Why don’t you just put a sign on his back that says “Kick me?”

    DISCLAIMER – no offense to the nice person who bought Milo that outfit.

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