Blah Humbug

The last two days have been spent just lazing around the house. I still haven’t completely kicked this stomach bug, plus the weather has been unpleasant, so we are holed up in here. For anyone who knows me, this is usually not a good thing. I usually get stir crazy pretty easily, but for some reason I feel like I’m becoming more of a homebody since having Milo. So, not the worst thing in the world to be at home. We get to take lots of naps and play and take baths together… so much fun!

In fact, I’ve been so entertained by Milo that I forget how fast the days fly by until I realize, like now, that it is 5:30pm! This morning, Milo discovered the keys hanging in the back door when I let Proudie out. He looked at them swinging there in the lock, giggled, turned his face into my shoulder like he was shying away from a stranger, then looked back at them and giggled again. What is this fascination with inanimate objects, and why does he try to socialize with them? I don’t know, but it’s pretty funny.

Milo has also discovered his hands. He stares at them, puts them together in various ways, weaves his fingers together. He gets this concerned look on his face like he is concentrating so hard. Poor little guy, such a simpleton. And, of course, the doorway jumpster. I am finally getting a little bit done around the house thanks to this thing. Billy, Annie, you guys rock. Best present ever. He really gets going on that thing. The funny thing is, when he is ready to get out, he starts whining and kicking, which makes him bounce more, which makes him angrier, etc. Obviously I don’t let this go on for any amount of time, but it is funny to see.

Alright. Obviously, nothing is going on here. I’ll post some new pictures soon.

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  1. Reina enjoyed her jumpster, too, but we can’t take all the credit. Watching Lizzie and Ava go to town in that thing (and Ava’s lack of bowel control in one instance) encouraged us to spread the joy!

    Happy Hibernating!

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