Dress That Prof: Blue & Khaki


Today is the last of the teaching outfits! Andrew has actually been finished teaching for over a week, but we had an extra outfit post or two. So… we will continue doing outfit posts, as Andrew still needs to make office and meeting appearances, but they will definitely be more casual than the teaching outfits.

Plaid work shirt, JCrew (sold out, but find similar one here)

Khaki blazer, JCrew


Slim fit jeans: JCrew, find similar ones here

Boots: Timberland Boot Company 

Hope you enjoy next week’s post!

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  1. Oh, I wish! No, Andrew has to go in the same amount of time, but I guess he has more flexibility with his hours and where he writes… he’s going to try to work earlier so he can come home earlier during the summer months. He’s tried to work from home and with our boys constantly vying for his attention, it just doesn’t work!

  2. Love those boots! Timberlands have always been a favorite of mine- unfortunately, as i recall, they tend to cater more towards men, than women.

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